Blue Vervain

Verbena hastata

Energetics: Cooling, Drying (over long term, but in short term, increases secretions), Relaxing

Actions:  Nervine (sedative) (Calms the nerves), Antispasmodic (Relax spasms & cramps), Emmenagogue (Encourages the menses)

Found In: Calm + Clarity

The usage of Blue Vervain dates all the way back to the Greeks and Romans, and it was one of the most sacred plants to the druids1.  This cooling bitter plants helps to settle nervousness, tension, and generally cools the constitution down2.  With this cooling property, it helps to drive the vital force downward.  This is helpful when this vital force is otherwise upward, such as during anxiety when someone feels caught up in their head or during a hot flash. Overall, Blue Vervain is a systemic relaxant, and thus helps to ease any tension held throughout the body: from the nervous system, digestive system, to the musculoskeletal system.

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