Burdock Root

Arctium lappa

Energetics:  Cooling, Drying (though nourishes tissues), Toning

Actions: Alterative (Cleanses the blood), Diueretic (Increases urination), Bitter (Aids digestion)

Found In: Moon + Mood

Burdock has been used for thousands of  years in Western and Asian medicine1.  In Japan, it is commonly eaten as a root vegetable known as Gobo.  With its alterative action, Burdock root helps to cleanse the blood by supporting the liver and digestive processes1.  It thus cleanses the body from excess hormones and toxins1.  This especially helps with skin issues such as acne that may be experienced due to hormonal imbalance1.  All the while, Burdock is deeply nourishing for the blood and body, especially due to its medicinal oils that bring integrity to the tissues.  This is a plant remedy that is best taken consistently in order to optimize its effects.

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