Nepeta cataria

Energetics: Warming, Drying, Relaxing

Actions: Nervine (Sedative) (Calms the nerves), Antispasmodic (Relax spasms & cramps), Carminative (Relieve bloating & flatulence)

Found in:  Lights Out

Infamous for its effects on our feline friends, Catnip is a gentle and calming herb that has been used for centuries throughout the world.  It is especially known to promote restful sleep and subside nervous tension1.  With its gentle effect, it has largely been used to calm anxiety as well as digestive upset in children.  It shows equally as useful for adults, allowing the muscles and mind to relax after a long day.  All the while, this mint-family plant can also soothe the stomach and relieve digestive tension with its carminative property. 

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