Ginger Root

Zingiber officinale

Energetics: Warming, Drying, Toning

Actions: Circulatory Stimulant (Increases blood flow), Antispasmodic (Relaxes spasms & cramps), Emmenagogue (Encourages menses)

Found in:  Moon + Womb

Ginger is a tropical, aromatic herb which has been coveted for thousands of years for food and medicine1.  Its spicy, aromatic oils help support digestion and ease nausea.  Its warming property stimulates the circulatory system, promotes blood flow, and can aid in pain relief1.  As such, Ginger can help relieve tension in the muscles and encourage healthy, balanced menstruation2.  All the while, Ginger’s stimulating property helps to drive the medicinal constituents of other herbs throughout the body.  

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