Hops Flowers

Humulus lupulus

Energetics: Cooling, Drying, Relaxing

Actions: Nervine (sedative) (Calms the nerves),  Antispasmodic (Relax spasms & cramps), Hypnotic (Sleep-inducing)

Found in:  Lights Out

Most well known as a popular and primary ingredient in beer, Hops have a pronounced effect on the nervous system.  These flowers from the viney plant bring about a sense of relaxation and sedation, and they especially prove helpful to calm an anxious, racing mind1.  All the while, they relax tense, cramping muscles.  This sedating quality sets the stage to ward off insomnia2.  Resinous and bitter, Hop strobiles also stimulate the liver to promote healthy digestion.  They are also known to have estrogenic properties, which make them a helpful ally during menopause3.

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