Kava Root

Piper methysticum

Energetics: Warming, Drying, Relaxing

Actions: Nervine (sedative) (Calms the nerves), Antispasmodic (Relaxes spasms & cramps), Hypnotic (Sleep-inducing)

Found in:  Lights Out

Kava is a traditional and sacred herb of Polynesia, used for thousands of years.  It continues to be cultivated and used there for ceremonial and social gatherings1.  In modern times, Kava has become popular throughout the Western world due to its pronounced effects on the body, mind, and nervous system.  A sip of Kava will bring about a sense of numbness to the tongue, which then expands to a sense of deep relaxation throughout the body and mind– muscles unwind and stresses subside.  In this way, this root proves especially helpful to treat insomnia, anxiety, and muscle tension2.

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