Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis

Energetics: Warming, Drying, Relaxing

Actions: Nervine (sedative) (Calms the nerves), Mild Antidepressant, Carminative (Relieves bloating & flatulence)

Found in:  Moon + Mood

Melissa, this plant’s generic name, is the Greek word for honeybee – named due to the bee’s love of this fragrant, flowering herb1.  Lemon balm is also known as the “gladdening herb”, helping to relieve nervousness, anxiety, and depressive tendencies1.  Its bright, aromatic properties also prove helpful for the digestive system, aiding indigestion and flatulence1.  With its heart-shaped leaves, it is also known to work as a tonic for the cardiovascular system, all while it lifts the mood and calms the mind2.

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