Leonurus cardiaca

Energetics:  Cooling, Drying, Relaxing

Actions:  Emmenagogue (Encourages menses), Nervine (Supports nervous system), Hypotensive (Reduces blood pressure)

Found in:  Moon + Womb

Motherwort’s latin name– Leonurus cardiaca– means “lion heart”.  This name seems to come from courage that many feel this herb provides.  As a nervine, Motherwort has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression1, and the herb is also known to support the cardiovascular system, helping to reduce blood pressure2.  Above all, and perhaps a tribute to its English name, Motherwort is known to support the female body through all stages.  The herb can balance irregular menses, encourage labor, and subside menopausal symptoms3,4,5.  Its anti-anxiety effect also is known to make Motherwort a helpful plant ally throughout motherhood and other periods of life in which a courageous heart is needed. 

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