Artemisia vulgaris

Energetics:  Warming, Drying, Relaxing

Actions:  Emmenagogue (Encourages menses), Nervine (Supports nervous system), Carminative (Relieves bloating & flatulence)

Found in:  Moon + Womb

If you look to the underside of this plant’s leaves, you will see a silvery shine.  This is the signature for the moon, as Mugwort has a pronounced effect on the female reproductive system.  It helps to promote menstruation and ease cramping in the womb1.  This herb also has a gentle effect on the nervous system, helping to ease tension and counteract grogginess1.  Most notably, this herb is known in modern times to promote vivid dreams.  Though, the reason it is known as “Mugwort” is that it used to be used as a popular flavoring in beer instead of Hops2.  Like Hops, Mugwort also stimulates digestion with its aromatic bitter properties.

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