Rosa spp.

Energetics:  Cooling, Moistening, Toning

Actions:  Anti-inflammatory, Nervine (Supports nervous system), Tonic

Found in:  Calm + Clarity

Roses are much more than an ornamental flower gifted between beloveds.  One could say that their popularity as such may be due to their medicinal properties.  When smelling the strong aroma of a rose, one feels uplifted and soothed.  As we introduce these aromatic oils into our body, they affect the nervous system by relaxing it and releasing tension1.  Rose proves especially helpful to calm the emotions and release stagnant resentment or grief.  With their cooling property, Roses are anti-inflammatory for the digestive system, and they also help to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, especially when applied topically2.  While they soothe agitation and the emotions, they can also tone the tissues of cardiovascular and reproductive systems as well.

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