Salvia officinalis

Energetics:  Warming, Drying, Toning

Actions:  Carminative (Relieves bloating & flatulence), Antibacterial, Nervine (Supports the nervous system)

Found in:  Moon-a-pause

Many people are familiar with Sage as a culinary spice.  Most culinary spices are carminatives, meaning that they support digestion and aid in the relief of flatulence.  With its warming, aromatic properties, Sage certainly does support digestive processes in this way.  The herb also displays estrogenic properties, proving to be a helpful herb during menopause by calming hot flashes1.  It is thought that it earned its name, Sage, since it was commonly recommended for longevity and to promote memory recall, especially for the elderly.  This herb is also highly antibacterial and is commonly used to help maintain the health of the mouth and gums1.

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