Touch + Soothe


Our salve is a gentle touch for sore wombs, muscles, and joints. We’ve created an organic blend of herbs and oils to relieve and protect all areas of your body.

CBD: 600 mg
CBG: 100 mg

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Suggested use

With intention, apply liberally onto your womb, hands, back, or anywhere you feel discomfort or soreness. Reapply as desired.



Jojoba Oil,

MCT Oil (Coconut Derived),

Candelilla Wax,

Mango Seed Butter,

Comfrey Leaf,

Cramp Bark,

Hyssop Flower,

Cayenne Pepper,

Ginger Root.


See Hemp

Jojoba Oil

See Jojoba Oil

MCT Oil (Coconut Derived)

See MCT Oil (Coconut Derived)

Candelilla Wax

See Candelilla Wax

Mango Seed Butter

See Mango Seed Butter

Comfrey Leaf

See Comfrey Leaf

Cramp Bark

See Cramp Bark

Hyssop Flower

See Hyssop Flower

Cayenne Pepper

See Cayenne Pepper

Ginger Root

See Ginger Root

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